The St. Jude Charity Benefit Position

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For more information on the Blue Marlin Grand Championship's V.I.P St. Jude Charity Position, contact Beverly Morgan at (251) 224-1900 or

To late to register but you still want to fish?

It's a yearly tradition in the Blue Marlin Grand Championship: when the event is sold out at 60 participating teams, everyone else goes onto an alternate list. But for those who really want a shot at the title, there's another way.

The 61st entry is set aside as a VIP position known as the St. Jude Position, with special recognition throughout the tournament and even a prime boat slip included at The Wharf Marina for the week. Participants submit sealed bids (minimum bid $10,000), with the winner being awarded the VIP St. Jude Position entry on May 15th. The proceeds from this entry go directly to funding St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, which is actively seeking a cure for a wide variety of childhood cancers and other terminal illnesses.


As mentioned above, each year when the 60th boat is registered and the fleet is full, additional boats can pay the $2,500 registration fee to be put on the tournament's alternates list, a cost that will be refunded if they aren't eventually awarded a position in the tournament. If one of the 60 registered boats withdraws from the tournament, a boat is selected from those on the alternates list.

Beginning in 2017, the first boat(s) selected will be from the list of boats that bid for the coveted St. Jude Charity Position. When the bids are opened on May 15th and the high bidder wins their VIP position in the tournament, alternate positions will be awarded from the other boats who submitted sealed bids, with the highest losing bid getting the first alternate position, and so forth. If, after awarding the alternate positions to those who submitted bids there are still alternate positions available, those positions will be awarded from the list of boats who paid the $2500 entry fee but did NOT submit a bid, based on the date and time they registered for the alternate's list.

NOTE: If the winner of the St. Jude Charity Position has paid the entry fee, that fee will be refunded.

For questions about the alternates list or the bidding for the St. Jude Charity VIP Position, contact Beverly Morgan at The Wharf Marina, (251) 224-1900 or